Family Feast

Family Feast – 20.99
1/2 gallon spaghetti, 16” Sub, 16” garlic bread and a 2-liter bottle of soda.

Family Feast with Tortellini – 24.99

Family Feast with Lasagna  – 27.99

Family Feast with Alfredo - 26.99
Add Chicken – 28.99

Family Feast with Ravioli - 22.99

Pizza Family Feast - 24.99
14″ Cheese & Sausage Pizza, 16″ Mike’s Sub, 16″ garlic bread and a 2-liter bottle of soda

Old World Italian Delights

Mike’s Sub - 7.49
We combine the best ham, salami, cheese and lettuce on a 16” loaf of our homemade freshly baked Italian-style bread.

Half Sub- 5.69

Titanic - 11.99
A giant 16” sub loaded with beef, ham, turkey and salami, cheese (2 kinds!) and lettuce on our freshly-baked bread. The most excellent sub around!

Half Titanic- 7.99

Turkey Sub- 8.49
Sliced turkey breast on our homemade bread with 2 cheeses and lettuce.

Half Turkey Sub- 6.49


Hot from the Oven

These delicious sandwiches are made-to-order on a half loaf of our bread.

Ham & Cheese- 5.49
We select only the finest ham and American cheese and nestle them between 2 slices of our delicious bread.

Pizza Bread-  5.49
Simply Awesome! Our bread topped with fresh meat sauce and melted cheese.

Italian Meatball Sandwich-  6.59
Tasty meatballs smothered in sauce and topped with melted cheese. Served open-faced

Italian Beef Sandwich -   6.59
We take a select cut of thinly-sliced roast beef, pile it high on our fresh bread, and top it off with melted cheese and our delicious sauce.

Italian Sausage Sandwich-  6.29
Try our own spicy sausage patty topped with our sauce and melted cheese—you’ll love it!

The Sicilian -  6.49
Our bread topped with meat sauce, salami & cheese.

Pizza Burger-  6.59
Ready to taste the best sandwich in the world? Our pizza burger is a perfect blend of sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, sauce and melted cheese. Served open-faced.

Grilled Cheese - 4.99
We make this classic sandwich even better by lightly buttering our famous bread and grilling it with 2 types of zesty cheeses.

Meat & Veggie Delight – 6.79
A delicious combo of sliced beef, turkey, ham and salami topped with onion, green peppers, mushrooms, meat sauce and cheese. A great low-carb dish!


Mike’s Specials

#1 1/2 Mike’s Sub

#2 Ham & Cheese

#3 Pizza Bread

#4 1/2 Turkey Sub

#5 Grilled Cheese

#6 Child’s Spaghetti with half loaf of our bread

Each served with a bag of chips and a medium drink. Available all day.
with medium drink -  6.99 each
with a large drink-  7.49 each


Carry Out Specials

1/2 Gallon Spaghetti – 10.49
The perfect amount of spaghetti is topped with our homemade meat sauce and feeds four.

1/2 Gallon Tortellini - 15.39
Our meat and cheese-filled tortellini is served with plenty of meat sauce and serves four.

1/2 Gallon Ravioli - 11.79
Our delicious meat and cheese-filled ravioli and serves four.

1/2 Gallon Alfredo - 15.39
Spaghetti noodles with our creamy Alfredo sauce.

Lasagna for 2(take and bake)- 11.99
Take home two pieces of our homemade lasagna topped with plenty of meat sauce. Bake at 370° for 25 minutes or microwave for 5 minutes.



Dinners are served with a crisp tossed salad & garlic bread.

Spaghetti Dinner – 8.49
A platter of spaghetti smothered in our own rich meat sauce.
Ala Carte -  6.29

Tortellini Dinner - 9.49
Our meat and cheese-filled pasta mixed with our homemade meat sauce.
Ala Carte -  7.69

Ravioli Dinner - 8.69
A generous serving of ravioli blanketed with our delicious meat sauce.
Ala Carte -  6.39

Lasagna Dinner - 10.19
We blend four cheeses with our own noodles and meat sauce for a lasagna dish that you’ll love!
Ala Carte -  7.99

Alfredo Dinner - 9.49
Spaghetti noodles with our creamy Alfredo sauce.
Ala Carte -  7.69
With Chicken – 11.49
Ala Carte – 9.69


Fresh Breads

Our bread is made from scratch every morning and baked all day in our ovens using only the finest ingredients. No preservatives or trans-fats.

Our Fresh-baked Bread (whole loaf) – 2.39
1/2 loaf- 1.49

Garlic Bread (16”) - 4.99
1/2 loaf- 3.69

Garlic Bread w/Cheese (16”) – 5.99
1/2 loaf- 4.69

Cinnamon Bread (16”) – 4.99
1/2 loaf - 3.69



Tossed Salad - 2.99

Chef Salad - 6.99
Fresh garden greens topped with ham, turkey,salami, egg and 2 kinds of cheese.

BBQ Chicken Southwest Salad - 6.99
Fresh garden greens topped with roasted chicken, corn, black beans, tortilla chips, drizzled BBQ sauce & Ranch Dressing. A Favorite!

Beef & Cheese Salad – 6.99
Freshly cut garden greens topped with sliced beef and American and Muenster cheeses

Caesar Salad- 6.99
Romaine lettuce topped with roasted chicken, Parmesan cheese and homemade croutons.

Little Caesar Salad – 3.99

Raspberry Walnut Salad - 6.99
Fresh garden greens topped with roasted chicken, cranberries, onion, walnuts and Bleucheese crumbles. Delicious Salad!
Best served with Italian and Raspberry Dressing blend.

Family-Sized Salad (carryout only) - 6.99
1/2 gallon of garden-fresh lettuce with vegetables.

Dressings include: Homemade Italian, Ranch, French, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island Poppyseed and Fat Free Raspberry Vinagrette.



Child’s Spaghetti – 3.99

Child’s Tortellini – 4.79

Child’s Ravioli - 4.49

4 Meatballs – 3.99

8 Meatballs - 4.99

12 Meatballs – 5.99

Extra Sauce (12 ounces) – 4.09



We offer Coke & Pepsi Products
Iced Tea, Lemonade, Root Beer & Coffee

Medium – 2.49
Large – 2.99
Beer (Budweiser, Select 55, Bud Light) – 3.00
Selection of Wines – 4.00


Mike’s Catering

Party meals serve 30 people and include tossed salad with Italian dressing and our fresh baked bread with butter.

Spaghetti Party Meal (3.00 per person) - 90.00

Lasagna Party Meal (4.50 per person)- 135.00

Mostaccioli Party Meal (3.50 per person)- 105.00

Mike’s Party Tray - 38.99
Serves 18-24. Six whole subs cut into quarters. Arranged on a tray for serving ease.

9” x 13” pan of Lasagna - 40.00
Serves 12.

12” x 20” pan of Lasagna - 75.00
Serves 30.

Fresh Baked Bread (20 or more loaves) - 1.50 each

Mike’s Subs (20 or more)- 6.00 each